The Lost Century & How To Reclaim It


Genre(s): Documentary, UFO, ET/Science Fiction, Science

Year of Production:  2024

Release:  New Release

Runtime: 80 minutes

Language: English

​Production Company:  Small Time Monsters

Synopsis: In this groundbreaking film helmed by acclaimed director Michael Mazzola, the consequences of a century-long shroud of illegal UFO secrecy are unveiled, exposing the staggering toll on humanity's spiritual, cultural, and technological advancement. Mazzola, renowned for his work on the global success "Unacknowledged" alongside Dr. Steven Greer, once again delivers a thought-provoking narrative that challenges the boundaries of conventional understanding.

Cast:  Fred Durst -William Frederick Durst, an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and director, rose to prominence as the frontman and lyricist of the nu metal band Limp Bizkit, which he co-founded in 1994 and has since released nine studio albums. Beyond his musical endeavors, Durst transitioned into the realm of independent filmmaking starting in 2006. Notably, he co-starred in "Population 436" and marked his directorial debut in 2007 with "The Education of Charlie Banks," followed by "The Longshots" in 2008. In 2019, his latest film, "The Fanatic," was released. Adding to his eclectic portfolio, Durst has left a mark in the gaming world, appearing as a secret playable character in video games such as Fight Club, WWF Raw, and WWF SmackDown! Just Bring It.

Dr. Steven Greer -Dr. Steven Greer, a leading expert in extraterrestrial intelligence and peaceful contact with interstellar civilizations, has spent over 30 years briefing senior government officials worldwide, engaging in media interviews, and delivering hundreds of lectures. Author of five books and producer of widely viewed feature film documentaries, Dr. Greer's tireless pursuit of disclosing classified UFO/ET information has garnered millions of supporters globally, actively involved in the CE5 initiative.