Interview with the Extraterrestrial

There is an extraterrestrial named Bashar who communicates telepathically via channeling with a human by the name of Darryl Anka. Using a method similar to Trance Mediumship, Bashar enters the body of Darryl and makes themself available to answer questions from humans, sharing their wisdom about many of life greatest mysteries including details about the origin of our planet and species, the history of our galaxy and the trajectory of humanity into the future.

Investigative Filmmaker, Serena DC has been granted an exclusive, intimate audience with Bashar the extraterrestrial for an hour. “Not a minute less and not a minute more”; where she will have the opportunity to ask Bashar questions in an attempt help unravel unanswered questions about humanities origins, our purpose in this universe and the future of mankind.

Seeing this for the momentous, historical opportunity that it is, Serena has decided to travel the globe to meet with thought leaders in religion, science, environmental studies, medicine, government and personal transformation and experts in the world of Ufology including

Paola Harris, Jimmy Church, Caroline Cory, Danny Sheehan & Adam Curry to gather their important questions for Bashar as well as questions from our future leaders. Our children.

Follow investigative filmmaker Serena DC (Contact The CE5 Experience & We Are Not Alone) and her team as they gather questions from priests, scientists, doctors and thought leaders around the world to ask to Bashar, an extraterrestrial from an advanced civilization, with the hope of gaining answers that could re write the history books and solve some of humanities biggest problems.

In a highly secure location Serena will ask meet with Darryl Anka and then for one hour she will be granted an audience with Bashar. Alongside asking the questions she has gathered from her peers, Serena will also try to further her knowledge on how to communicate with ET’s and how to teach human’s how to initiate contact with other Extraterrestrials.

Darryl has gained invaluable knowledge about how to enhance the human experience through the teachings of Bashar. He will share some of these teachings with Serena in the hope of inspiring the world to help find and achieve their purpose in life.

Title: Interview with the Extraterrestrial

Genre(s): Documentary, UFO, ET/Science Fiction, Science, Spirituality, Mystery, Conspiracy, History

Year of Production:  2023

Release:  New Release

Runtime: 90 minutes

Language: English

​Production Company:Elysium Media


We Are Not Alone in the Universe. Reported sightings of UFO in our skies are in the millions and where before these claims of sightings were seemingly being made by average joe civilian with no clearly documented evidence to support them, since 2020 the US government has joined the party and finally begun to officially acknowledge that the UFO we are seeing in the sky are most likely of extra-terrestrial origin, defying the laws of physics as we know it.

Across the globe there are countless stories of alien abductions. The spiritual community that use to speak of receiving messages from the dead or from angels and spirt, now say they are being reached out to by extra-terrestrials and more and more actual sightings of beings, not from planet earth are being reported almost every single day.

Scientists, theologians, spiritual leaders, experts and even our own government believe that the first documented face to face contact with Extra-terrestrials here on earth will happen in just a matter of years with predictions as early as 2026.

To some, the idea of first contact with aliens is exciting and fills them with optimism, but to others, the thought of coming face to face with someone of non-human origin, fills them with fear and the only way to overcome our fears is to face them. They are coming, so we need to be prepared.

Join Investigative filmmaker Serena DC as she puts together a set of protocols that we can all follow to help us prepare for contact as she learns about who these beings are, what they want from us and howe can best communicate with them. Experts will share undisclosed information about what happens in an alien abduction and how to cope in a situation where you are faced with an ET. She will speak to ET channels who communicate with ET’s to help better understand their agenda for humanity. Masters in telepathy who can teach us how to use our minds to speak with these entities. As well as scientists & ufologists who will discuss the possible agenda of these beings. Experts from the mainstream media will also discuss the impact first contact will have on society. Spiritual experts will discuss the impact first contact will have on the vibration of the earth and the changes the knowledge of these beings existence will have on us all. Also we speak to a person who has seen an ET in their backyard.

They’re coming. Are you ready for first contact?


Serena DC

Darryl Anka - Bashar

Paul Hynek

Sarah Breskman Cosme


Erika Anka

April Rochelle