Welcome to Ad Astra Distribution — Your Gateway to the Stars of Film & TV Content!


At Ad Astra Distribution, we're more than just a film and TV sales agency; we're your trusted partner in bringing stellar content to audiences worldwide.  Our name, Ad Astra, meaning "to the stars," reflects our mission to elevate your content to new heights.

Discover Award-Winning Gems:  Our boutique agency specializes in a diverse range of content, including UFO mysteries, paranormal phenomena, occult intrigue, and thought-provoking social documentaries and TV series. Every title in our catalog is handpicked, ensuring a blend of artistic excellence and commercial appeal.

Global Reach, Local Heart:  We take pride in representing indie producers from across the globe, bridging the gap between creators and international audiences.  Our distribution extends to Broadcast Television and Digital Platforms on a global scale, making your content accessible to diverse audiences.

The Ad Astra Advantage:  Our commitment to simplicity, clarity, and transparency defines our approach.  We believe in making the business of content distribution straightforward for both producers and buyers.  Whether it's Distribution, Acquisition, Development, or Consultancy, Ad Astra is your trusted guide.

Building Bridges:  Generating revenue, fostering collaboration, and providing expert advice are at the core of our philosophy.  We're dedicated to cultivating long-lasting, successful relationships with our partners, ensuring mutual growth and prosperity.

Empowering Independent Producers:  Ad Astra actively seeks new content for licensing in the international marketplace.  We offer a comprehensive range of foreign distribution services, supporting independent producers at every stage of their journey.

A Global Network:  Our extensive sales network, established over years of dedicated work, spans the entire globe.  We boast deep-rooted relationships and connections with distributors, broadcasters, and streaming platforms, ensuring your content reaches the widest audience possible.

Join us at Ad Astra Distribution, where we reach for the stars together!  Your vision, our expertise— a winning formula for success in the world of Film and TV content distribution.