The Missing 411 - UFO Connection


Genre(s): Documentary, Mystery, UFO, ET/Science Fiction

Year of Production:  2023

Release:  Prime, Google Play

Runtime: 93 mins.

Language: English

​Production Company:  David Paulides Productions

Synopsis: "In 'Missing 411: The UFO Connection,' David Paulides explores the perplexing phenomenon of people disappearing in the wilderness. His third documentary presents groundbreaking evidence suggesting a connection between UFOs and these mysterious vanishings. Viewers are prompted to contemplate intriguing questions: Do UFOs originate from another dimension or portal? Are they seeking Earth as a resource for survival? The film establishes direct links between UFOs, abductees, and missing person cases, drawing on a decade-long project involving collaboration with FBI officials, local law enforcement, search teams, and others. The riveting narrative unfolds a trail of facts that raises more questions than the authorities are willing to answer.

Cast:  Daniela Salman, John Miles, Adam Palmer, Gail Star, Gene Ralston, Peter Davenport, Robert Fairfax, Ruben Uriarte