Above Top Secret


Genre(s): Documentary, UFO, ET/Science Fiction, Science

Year of Production:  2022

Release:  Vudu, Plex, Crackle

Runtime: 83 mins.

Language: English

​Production Company:  Cousins Brothers Productions

Synopsis: Renowned filmmakers Blake and Brent Cousins embark on a nationwide journey to uncover the truth about extraterrestrial existence, delving into classified projects associated with recovered alien craft. Their quest raises pivotal questions about the presence of an extraterrestrial threat and the potential dangers originating from within humanity. "Above Top Secret" explores groundbreaking technologies behind disclosure, promising to reshape perceptions of UFOs and the realm of suppressed technology.

Cast:  Dr. Steven Greer -Dr. Steven Greer, a leading expert in extraterrestrial intelligence and peaceful contact with interstellar civilizations, has spent over 30 years briefing senior government officials worldwide, engaging in media interviews, and delivering hundreds of lectures. Author of five books and producer of widely viewed feature film documentaries, Dr. Greer's tireless pursuit of disclosing classified UFO/ET information has garnered millions of supporters globally, actively involved in the CE5 initiative.

Michael Salla -Dr. Michael Salla is a globally recognized authority in the realms of global politics, conflict resolution, and U.S. foreign policy. With a distinguished teaching career at institutions in both the U.S. and Australia, including American University in Washington, DC, he has become an influential figure in international academic circles. Widely acknowledged as a pioneer in the emerging field of 'exopolitics,' Dr. Salla delves into the intricate study of the key players, institutions, and political dynamics associated with extraterrestrial life. A sought-after guest speaker, he has graced hundreds of radio and TV shows, such as Coast to Coast AM and Ancient Aliens, and has been featured prominently at national and international conferences. Dr. Salla's bestselling Secret Space Program book series has solidified his standing as a leading voice in the Truth Movement, drawing over 5000 daily visitors to his website eager for his latest insights and articles.