Genre: LQBTQA+ themes. Personal Transformation

Network: Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Google Play, Vudu, Xbox & Youtube

Premiered: October 4th 2022

Runtime90 minute

Filming Locations: Los Angeles CA 

Production Company: Elysium Media

Synopsis: Transgender "a person whose sense of identity & and gender does not correspond with their birth sex"

My Transparent Life is a documentary that explores the lives of 4 Transgender people though their various stages of transition.

Investigative Filmmaker, Serena DC follows Stassi and Jesse during their journey to self actualisation, as they being hormone treatments, attend surgical appointments, battle for understanding from their family and peers and undergo gender reassignment surgery all the while, trying to adjust to life as the opposite sex, to which they were born.

Along their journey they will be mentored by other transgender people, doctors, psychologists and counsellors as well as having to share their new lives with friends, work colleagues and family. Some of whom are not as supportive as others.

Stassi & Jesse want to share their story with the world to help people better understand what it means to be transgender.

Serena DC gives viewers a fly on the wall look at the harrowing journey of jesse & stassi, as they share their intimate transition experience.