Genre(s): Documentary, UFO, ET/Science Fiction, Science, Spirituality, Mystery, Conspiracy, History

Year of Production:  2024

Release:  New Release

Runtime: 90 minutes

Language: English

​Production Company:  Lab 9

Synopsis: "Levitation" is a groundbreaking documentary that unveils new scientific and spiritual insights into the mysteries of levitation. Delving into compelling accounts from various cultures, such as Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist traditions, the film showcases instances of witnessed human levitation, some as recent as the mid-20th century. Revealing classified gravity-control physics and a clandestine society utilizing extraterrestrial anti-gravity technology, the documentary investigates the role of the pineal gland, or "third eye," suggesting it may be an inherent levitation-generating mechanism within the human body.

Cast:  Dr. Steven Greer -Dr. Steven Greer, a leading expert in extraterrestrial intelligence and peaceful contact with interstellar civilizations, has spent over 30 years briefing senior government officials worldwide, engaging in media interviews, and delivering hundreds of lectures. Author of five books and producer of widely viewed feature film documentaries, Dr. Greer's tireless pursuit of disclosing classified UFO/ET information has garnered millions of supporters globally, actively involved in the CE5 initiative.