Skinwalkers - American Werewolves 2



Genre(s): Documentary, Horror, Paranormal

Year of Production:  2024

Release:  New Release

Runtime: 80 minutes

Language: English

​Production Company:  Small Time Monsters

Synopsis: In the mysterious expanse of the southwestern United States' four corners region, a malevolent supernatural force, steeped in ancient darkness, thrives by exploiting the fears of its victims to amplify its sinister power. Unveiling a spine-chilling narrative, witnesses come forward to share harrowing accounts of unprecedented confrontations with contemporary werewolves. These eerie tales weave a tapestry connecting the folklore of upright canids with the chilling realms of hellhounds, poltergeists, and the enigmatic Skinwalker. Brace yourself for a descent into true terror as the boundaries between legend and reality blur in this gripping exploration of otherworldly horror.