UFO Endgame to Disclosure


Genre(s): Documentary, UFO, ET/Science Fiction, Science

Year of Production:  2023

Release:  Prime, Vudu, Redbox, Google Play Movies, YouTube

Runtime: 1hr. 54 mins.

Language: English

​Production Company:  Cousins Brothers Productions

Synopsis: Filmmakers Blake and Brent Cousins embark on a journey across America, interviewing top experts to expose a cosmic cover-up and reveal secret technologies with the potential to revolutionize our world. Dr. Steven Greer discloses suppressed technology capable of eliminating the need for fossil fuels, offering a critical solution to save our planet. Amidst widespread UFO disclosure and increased transparency in extraterrestrial technology, questions emerge about the global impact and a potential paradigm shift away from fossil fuel reliance. The looming prospect of an Alien False Flag Event adds intrigue to the unfolding narrative.

Cast:  Dr. Steven Greer -Dr. Steven Greer, a leading expert in extraterrestrial intelligence and peaceful contact with interstellar civilizations, has spent over 30 years briefing senior government officials worldwide, engaging in media interviews, and delivering hundreds of lectures. Author of five books and producer of widely viewed feature film documentaries, Dr. Greer's tireless pursuit of disclosing classified UFO/ET information has garnered millions of supporters globally, actively involved in the CE5 initiative.